How to become a C.E.O entrepreneur

In this lecture, we were taught how to become creative entrepreneurs, how to become something, how to become innovative, how to think outside the box and how to find an innovative idea. 

The three main elements of being creative (C.E.O) are :

  1. Confidence: it is when an entrepreneur adapts to a new idea and starts thinking of ways to make it happen.
  2. Experimentation: it is when an entrepreneur learns how to adapt to the idea and starts experimenting it in many different ways. 
  3. Observation: before giving out solutions, an entrepreneur must observe and keep asking questions. An interesting definition for observation is “It is seeing, then asking questions. As you know, questions are the root of solving interesting problems.” – Mukund Mohan (Business Blogger) . 

Corrine, our lecturer, also said something really important, she said “if you are angry or negative you will block your vision for creativity.” So, it does not matter if we fail what matters is that we think positive and keep trying and trying until we achieve our goal.

Our task for this week was to find a system, observe it and come up with a solution for it. 

The system I chose to observe is the TIER 4 VISAS: ENGAGEMENT MONITORING in the university. Where basically, all international students have to go once every month in specific days to the student/faculty office to swipe our student I.D. cards. If we fail to do so, we can get deported, literally.

The user in this system are the students. The community are the people who have the skills and responsibilities in this case, the people swiping the cards and the government. The designer would be whoever came up with the swiping idea.

In my opinion, this system has two problems. Firstly, is that it is not very reliable. lets pretend there is an international student who does not attend classes but when he/she gets the engagement monitoring email to swipe the card, they go to the university just to swipe, therefore, the main reason behind this system which is to make sure international students are attending classes/university is gone! Secondly, the times of the monitoring are not always right nor convenient. They scheduled the monitoring once when there were no classes and in exam times, so, I had to go to the university just to swipe my card. Also, last year I was not able to attend the university for a week due to medical reasons and it just happened that the monitoring was on that same week, so, I had to email the faculty and the visa department just to allow me swipe my card the week after. They agreed and told me not to miss the dates next time. why the added stress?

My solutions to these problems are:

  1. To make it more reliable and effective , let the faculty check the actual attendance for international students from the registration list from lecturers in seminars one time only in their specified dates.


    2.Why not extend the deadline for swiping the card more than a week or open for the whole month so that students can go whenever it is convenient for them.


Anyhow, next week I have to go and swipe my card!




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